DEPRIVATION is a historical and social project dedicated to exploring and illuminating everything from the 7 Areas, USF work, Sightings and, recently, so-called “EM” contact. This site was originally created in late 1999 but the actual work of Deprivation began long before that in the late ’70’s and early 80’s.

Initially we presented the DEP as a purely artistic thing because we were afraid of blowback from friends, colleagues and business associates. However, we’ve since come to terms with our task: DEPRIVATION is REAL and we intend to share it widely and without reservation.

On this site you will find everything you need to get “current” with all matters related to DEPRIVATION. This includes news, reports, theory and illustrative media in the form of images. Soon we will be adding Video MEDIA and audio “PODCASTING” medias.

Better yet, we finally have a great new internet STORE where you can get derivative and documentary publications that will greatly provide entertainment and also help you know things about DEP “Tech” and the things of 7 Areas.

Maybe you will add your own story to our growing community!

Deprivation Is Art
Deprivation is seriously and a fact. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t inspirational as well. So we have produced quite a lot of things that are used to illuminate and explore this thing. Also, we create work that is well inspired or guided by all of DEPRIVATion. This work is generally divided into 3 paths, Illustrative, TECHnical and Derivative. Our PRINTED work for sale is a mix of this.
New Things Are Coming To DEPRIVATION

Thanks to our new partners at The United Projects Alliance and media producers Europa Engine, we have some exciting new projects of both audio/MP3 things AND a new VIDEO series of SIGHTINGS and REPORTS.
Reports, Sightings and Observations

This site really belongs to all of our helpers, followers and participants who have generously provided us with excellent and heartfelt personal accounts of their experiences with all things DEPRIVATION. Please add your own story by CONTACTING us right away.
The Store is OPEN!

The work we do here has inspired us to create a lot of different things. We have been making art and technical booklets for years and selling them to help fund this endeavor. Thanks to our media partner The United Projects Alliance, we are making all-new publications which means all of the old ones have to GO! Now is your chance to buy some of our best-selling classic books such as “Country Life/City Life” and “Machines, Theories and Applications.” Visit our STORE now!

Maybe you will add your own story to our growing community!

Find out MORE!

The real TECH, people, history and events of DEPRIVATION is unfolding before us every day. We know so much more today than we did back in 1998 and yet we know so very little. Nevertheless, we do our best to present to you the facts as we understand them. Explore the mystery of the USF, the deep history of Foster and the Santos. This is a wonderful world we are to discover.

Maybe you will add your own story to our growing community!

We Like To Tell Stories

One of the best aspects of managing Deprivation is creating new, original work that is derived from other aspects of what we know about Deprivation. Our best sources are “EM” events, Foster legacy information, reports, Lost contacts and other sources. Like some of the ART on this site, these are DERIVATIVES.