“…Initial test runs caused Cappy’s arm to disappear for several hours…”

This didn’t happen to me but is one of those family stories that is passed along and along with so much ease and confidence you have no idea if any of it is true. But it becomes part of your family and you can’t let it go because that would be like losing your history or having a long-dead relative die all over again. It goes like this:

My great-grandfather was working at JTS Aviation back in the 40’s right after the war. JTS was a beneficiary of postwar programs that placed seized assets and personnel into useful positions in corporate, academic and government agencies. Dad’s dad’s dad, “Cappy” (nicknamed thusly because he was very particular about capitalization and also he was a naval Lieutenant) was on projects involved in of all the way-out stuff JTS was in to at the time: thought-controlled machines, telemental-portation, reviving the dead, time photography, frozen coffee etc. You can go online and read about all that so there’s no need to re-hash it here.

Through some deal with the conquered remains of the hostile enemy, JTS came in to the possession of a fully operational FOster TEch USF setup. The materials included, among other things, a USF transmitter, control and power units (A Stain 200 and 100), an infinity, an isolation and a Santo-Hominid rig – minus the Santo, obviously.

depiction of a Santo (unknown source but probably from us at

Cappy’s team of kidnapped scientists were tasked with ascertaining the nature and function of the USF. Previously, most of the operation aspects had been determined by other teams who had figured out, for example, power requirements and basic connectivity of components and how to get the dials to light up and look cool. They were aided by an unknown guide who communicated in dreams and by a few handwritten notes from an unnamed source. Some of the notes were written on letterhead from The Commodore Perry Hotel in Toledo, Ohio.

Initial test runs caused Cappy’s arm to disappear for several hours. Other personnel also experienced missing limbs and for a while it was a source of merriment and japery to shove someone on to the Isolation during power up and make all of their limbs disappear for a few minutes.

Eventually they got the “hang” of running the machines which resulted in fewer accidental limb disappearances but not much else, although you have to admit that in itself, however impractical, is pretty amazing. Still, not amazing enough for the government agencies who were funding the research because if you wanted to remove someone’s arm, all you had to do was chop it off and that’s something we already knew how to do even in the 40’s. In other words, secret projects have to produce. It’s just like your job!


Desperate to show some useful progress, Cappy’s team ran the USF machines in what is now known as the Red 209 configuration. In place of the Santo, they used an Irish Setter dog, which was purely an accident related to the infestation of dogs that became fashionable and problematic during the war.

The infamous test resulted in Cap assuming the point of view (or possibly the very personage) of an unknown and unnamed individual in the circle of Dr. Foster. In the run, Cap was a bodiless man in trapped in the wall of a house. He then rolled to the working environment of the Wellington Center. He was witness to a full range of FOster TEch in it’s proper configuration. He first witnessed actual Santo Hominids being bred and used for USF work. He personally visited with Em when she was trying to do some laundry.


At times he thought Foster and his assistant (JIGGLES) were well aware that he was Cappy and at times he felt as if he was nothing more than a mere thought in the mind of another man.



W. REGION: Ohio, New Mexico, UK
TYPE: first hand/second
NATURE: full
REPORT DATE: 2020-02-17
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