“…the doors and windows were ringed in dense grids and coils of wire painted to look like normal…”

This is not really a personal contact thing I’m reporting.

Throughout the 50’s and 60’s my family has lived in the Wellington area of Ohio primarily in the farming business. We also used to haul scrap up to Huron or even Toledo if the pay was decent. We had been called to an estate off of 162 near Spenser.

anti radio cage

It was a beautiful house made sometime in the 1800’s, I’d say. I don’t know anything about architecture but I think the style was Victorian (with a huge porch and a round tower on one corner). The owner had apparently died a long time ago and lawyers were just now getting around to settling the affairs of the house. One of the lawyers was in the same Masonic Lodge as my father, so that’s how we got the job.

First strange thing was we had to come to the house at sunset and load everything out at night. Normally they want you there as early as possible. The house was also strange. The porch looked like wood but it boomed when you walked on it like it was made of metal. It reminded me of walking on the deck of a ship.

All of the doors and windows were ringed in dense grids and coils of wire painted to look like normal window and door trim but it looked to me a hell of a lot like a Faraday cage used to suppress radio waves, which I remembered from my days as a radar technician during Viet Nam.


We loaded out what looked to me like a lot of junk. Mostly TV parts and a lot of old-style radio racks. And lots of uninsulated copper cables and electrolytic capacitors that were all leaking badly. One item that caught my eye was a metal cylinder about four feet high and maybe twenty inches across. It was affixed to an iron base by a large ceramic insulator. The skin appeared to be aluminum or possibly even titanium (very valuable in the scrap business). The metal work was fine and elegant and there were flush rivets better than I ad ever seen in the service.

Stranger still, we were instructed to take the scrap to a boat slip in the Erie Lagoon up in Vermillion. I thought we might be asked to dump it in the lake, which is illegal. I’d never do something like that.

I was not proud of this theft .

I swear I am an honest Man but I kept two items that appealed to me, and I have provided drawings of the items as best as I can remember their appearance. I have to rely on memory because I lost the two items shortly after I kept them for myself. I believe I lost them because there is something wrong with me. I am not right anymore. I am wrong.

DEPRIVATION NOTES: This could be the legendary “Bone House” that was used in the 30’s although it is thought to be in Columbus.  The location reported by submission, if accurate, puts the famous workshop much closer to Wellington.


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