“…the item became dim and soon we were not able to see it at all…”

This is been bothering me.

Here it is, then. On a Sunday that I would say is an ordinary one we had finished cleaning up church breakfast and I saw what looked like a lightning bolt in the kitchen near the coal bin (the Ice Season was harsh) The floor was blurry so I thought it was acoustics from the trains and transports not far away at all.

popular common watches

The dogs were upset but the children seemed very happy.

By the coal bin we observed what appeared to be a purse or bowling bag. My children saw it and so did I. The thing was full of watches and maybe some money. I heard someone talking in the wall – an anxiety way of talking – but later when we chopped through the wall all we found was our pipes and a lot of water.


Then the item became dim and soon we were not able to see it at all. Our house is near the river, too.

This has bothered me and I am glad we have found some place to say it.

DEPRIVATION NOTE: This is probably a travel satchel and I suspect the voices he heard were about to be misplaced. Everyone got lucky, I guess. The watches are an interesting feature. Probably to be used for trade or maybe even costumes?  At the conference last year someone told me about a very similar event where two human arms bisected the floor briefly and in each hand was a leathery satchel containing money.  The arms vanished but the “purses” did not, at least not immediately.  The satchels rotted after a few hours and the money was spent to cover medical bills.  We’d always hoped this person would formally submit their report (and they were encouraged to do so) but to date they have not. 

TYPE: occular
SCOPE: [x]-merge [ ]-break
EVENT DATE: ?? (70's)
REPORT DATE: 2009-6-13
REPORTANT: obscure