1: Can anyone at DEPRIVATION.COM look at the samples I have and tell me what they are?
No, we are very busy.

One of the things that keeps us busy is developing methods so any old so-and-so can easily and accurately test samples themselves. We’ve advocated a few methods here and in other villages and nearly none of them work.  There’s so much that we don’t know and we are so small compared to DEPRIVATION.

Imagine an ant standing on a watermelon. That’s a lot of food for an ant.

2: Are the paper publications at DEPRIVATION (“FOR SALE”) available as electronic (“DIGITAL”) ?/

3: How can I tell if (EVENTS) are part of DEPRIVATION or if it is a common ghost, eyesores or something else?
You probably can’t tell the difference, especially if you’re not supposed to.

4: Is any organization of sci-ence looking in to this? How about a school?
If they are, they would never tell us. What would be the point? Since we don’t know, the next thing we can do is speculate, which is fine because there’s really no penalty for having an imagination (in this context, anyway).

Of course someone, somewhere in some government agency has experienced some (EVENT). But was it a smarty-pants scientist at Space Agency or was it a ranger counting fish eggs in the River Regions?

Consider the Lost or Abandoned or the “Got Behinds.” They might be the information nodes and not even know it. That’d be a real kick in the balls, wouldn’t it? But that’s hardly a school or organization.

5: Has anyone ever filmed an actual, real (EVENT) before?
Yes. We’ve seen them and made a few ourselves and they all look very fake. It has something to do with the way cameras work and frame rates. There are cameras coming out next year that will solve this problem. Until then, we encourage all of you to make your own materials as accurately and faithfully as your hearts will allow.

Until then, we have a verified photo of EM and some other photos as well.

6a: Why do you make the DERIVATIVE materials? Isn’t that “cheating?
As mentioned in #4, there’s no penalty for having an imagination. This could be amended to say that there is no penalty unless imagination is not exercised.

We actually know so little. Imagination is a tool of investigation. The DERIVATIVE materials are a space where imagination can ask and answer any and all questions, taking the few crumbs we have and making a sumptuous buffet where your heart can binge and purge with no noticeable side effects.

The posters, for example, are based on witness (MEMORIES) of being in EM realm or in FOSTER realm.

In short, we create DERIVATIVES because we can and because we must.

If we don’t explore through creative engagement, then we become disgruntled kooks muttering that most revolting word, CONSPIRACY.

6b: Why do you sometimes use humor in DERIVATIVES?
This comes up a LOT in communications, in-person visits, conventions, etc..  In fact, it probably should have been the first question on this list.  Here we go:

In it’s entirety, DEPRIVATION is a pretty sad mess.  We feel that giving in to the somewhat bleak and occasionally futile reality of DEPRIVATIOn would result in a dense, joyless disaster that no one in their right mind would want to visit.  We frequently resort to humor as a means of keeping the material accessible and as a technique to make the whole thing seem less ominous and threatening.

Still, people wonder, “If it’s humorous, is it serious?”  Of course it’s serious in this light – perhaps more so because humor is the way we take our fears and weaknesses and put them in a context that allows us to experience them with relatively little psychic or physical harm.

The alternative to humor is earnestness which is boring and very easy to mock. Seriousness metastasizes into vulgarity and ideology (which is entirely useless).  See again, 6A:  Without a jovial attitude, “…we become disgruntled kooks muttering that most revolting word, CONSPIRACY.”

7: Right. Speaking of conspiracy, is there a conspiracy?
Absolutely not. DEPRIVATION was manifested to us through a family legacy and happy accidents of acquaintance. We’ve always done our best to be sure that we NEVER fill in the gaps of know-ledge with YAMS! We stick to what we know. What we know sticks to us.

8: How close are you to publishing a guide?
Not as close as we’d like but since we have recently received a lot of help from The United Projects Alliance in Texas, the Guide has gone from “wholly unlikely” to “likely”. Extracts from GUIDES will be shared at as soon as possible. Full Guides will come to print in late 2021 or early 2022.

9: Can I send you a report?
You bet your hot-ass boots, compadre. It’s hard to say when we will get your reports on this new “Web-Site” when we’ve been so slow to move all the old reports from the previous effort. Most of the audio was stored as low-resolution Real Media which is unlistenable by todays standards. We got off on the wrong foot on the 90’s. Course-corrections are hard.

Send us your reports on our “CONTACT ” page.