Nearly all Foster/Dep TECH is gone. What survives is only partial. We think that some Lost Agents** (or their handlers, at any rate) are the most aggressive collectors of surviving USF-related material. Their goals are unclear.

In the early days of our website we were rather naive (gullible, too) and we didn’t hide our website’s WHOIS or other personal information. We actually had our phone number and address on there! It didn’t take anyone long to figure out who were or where to find us. Our storage locker in Wellington, Ohio (Spencer, Ohio, actually) and Houston, Texas were ransacked in 1998. Nearly all of the hardware was taken but some artifacts and documents in our personal possession survived the looting.

Based on our (stolen) inventory, witness accounts, events and some sleuthing, here is a partial chronology of FOSTER (TECH).

1: Basic Radionum.

2: Excelsior Radionum.

3: SensiGrammaPhase

4: SensiGrammaPhase Elite / Grand GrammaPhase Monarch Edition

5: Emittance Jack (early USF) / Recording Plate
– Evidence of area first suggested

6: Phase Plate

7: “Dectector”
Evidence Of Areas

8: Advanced Dectector
Areas graphed and measured

9: 1st RED 205: Infinity, Isolation, Pre-USF
– animal tests, Dectector retired.

10: Advanced RED 205: First real USF, Various other tech
– Simian introduction

11: Final RED 205 With all major components
Full Santo Integration

12: Production Stain 100 and 200 (and other models)

13: High Extended Master (Probably built at Bone House)
Santo Heads Only

14: Various Santo-Hominid constructions.

15: Tall Chairs

** We will be adding a lot of new material about The Lost very, very soon as we can get the informations together.