Scale In Ignorance

*** The problem with complicated ideas is that they sometimes are consumed (or misunderstood) because of their monolith intimidation. If it’s big it must be good. But even someone who likes big breasts would have to admit that one has to be specific in the bias to scale (in this, “BIG”). It’s unlikely that the breast-lover would favor a big breast if it was one inch diameter and thirty feet long. Big? You better believe it. But definitely not to taste. The flip side is to experience veneration based entirely on the basis of scale (complexity, age, etc). And who needs that? ***

“What are these monsters and how can they withstand our attacks?”
General Ichii Torihito, “Goliath Training”
“My mother, poem, feeds. Gentle pink figertips. Feeding.”
– Tannit Purbison (FROM MT&A INVOCATION)

If the series application has its purpose and expertise, what of the odd parallel setup? It’s important to know that the P arrangement is ultimately very low energy because of efficiency that series does not need. It is a form of exploitation. In this case it is moral because we don’t choose it. Exploitation is consequence.

A very, very early representation with very wrong information about AREAS.

A reverse condition would be the continued abuse of “EM”. She stands squarely in the heart of DEPRIVATION, as natural as air to birds or water to fish. And yet the only really connection she has to Foster TECH is the TECH itself. If you end that, you end her consummation. This is immoral because any alternate entity (NOT EM) choose it and we choose it at the depletion of another unwilling, unaware and unco-operative phase.

So the parallel is in this view moral.

But it is also of incredible importance to note that it is only the illustration that has the appearance of linear (vertical, to be precise) structure. This is show for the sake of convenience. In reality, we don’t have any idea what its structure is. Think of it more as a relation of ideas or even a map.

The origin/origin is for us unknown. But that’s the Originator, a Diamond. The radiant and perfect orbit. Also called FOUNTAIN. Fountain is also a map. As a map it is a KEY in opposition to MAP. Roughly, A map can guide us but it isn’t the means or method. The key is in opposition.

Static “above” it is cyl. Cyl is ground, earth and the aspect of complete. To understand this, we must “skip” to Sphe, which is everything cyl is not: It is full, entire, infinite, UNUSED purpose and, in some instances, LEFTOVER.

Situated between these utterly contained and utterly expansive forces is the Tour, characterized by Imgestion, Inevitable and CO-INTERESTS. It is thought that this is portal/conduct through which CYL/SPHE (called Excluded) communicate that which will become “DEPRIVATION”.

The next phase is focused more in human terms.

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