“…They were watching a TV on a trashcan….”

there was a tv near them

One night I was looking in to the windows of my house and I saw two men in there with different clothes. They were watching a TV on a trashcan. I went in to see who they were but when I was inside they house the room was empty except for me.

I saw someone watching me (his shirt was like mine!!!!!) from the window and I guess I was too slopw again because when I went outside I didn’t find anyone out there but the guys had somehow gotten back in to my house to watch TV because there they were.

This went on for a while until CONTROL he is still aware of this and he is awake / he is awake.  Ease on to his wave.  Easing on to his wave.  Latch.  Confirm latch. CONTROL.

DEPRIVATION NOTES:  Obviously this reportant is experiencing the strange and unexplained effect of the secondary control that so many have experienced.  We know that some are affected by regular USF bleed or are forced into confrontations with all manner of psycho-physical oddness.  None of these events are of a personal nature: they just happen.  But the so-called “Control” experiences seem to be entirely personal.  They are created and directed at specific people for specific reasons.  We just don’t have many answers.

In this report, the “Control” effect appears to have happened while the reportant was generating the message.



TYPE: eye
NATURE: uncertain (crossover, maybe?)
SCOPE: [x]-merge [ ]-break
REPORT DATE: 2008-3-10
REPORTANT: Merrill Whitney Gaye