The Phase Of Sight

***The worst part of trying to understand (DEPRIVATION) is that it is probable that the means of communication we have at hand is inadequate, or, more properly, inappropriate a method for describing and sharing DEPRIVATION itself. It would be like sharing a cake recipe to provide verification of airline reservations and the procedure for replacing the rear drum brakes on a 1963 Dodge Dart would explain how a song made you cry. And even that is wrong on so many levels.

The chasm between DEP/Foster and any decent understanding is so vast that were we to touch it directly it would seem as much magic as it does insanity – let alone a reproducible sci-ence.***

“I apply myself to USF, the 7 Areas, to Deprivation.”
“If I was a better drinker, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Still, I have to let you know that you are not yet on the right track. If time doesn’t get you first, you’ll be rewarded.”
-Jacob W. Wallace (PSEUDON) (attorney for Foster Estate)
“Latch. Control.”
– An Often-Heard Voice

Our daily lives are riven with a state of death-numb hypnosis.

Yet some emerge from fog long enough to gain understanding and even brilliance. As (UNNAMED) discovered in (THE) study of 7 areas. They are foundational and resonate. All other experience can be tied directly and elementally to this, as Foster found during his so-called “RED” trials in the 1930s.

The 7 areas are simple shapes in REPRESENTATION but not as in their own existence. A cube is a way to say “cube” and say “six planes” and “right angles.” You’ve said cube and we know cube and yet this area, the cube is nothing. The cube contains it as the area contains the cube. The shape is immaterial.

So you see a cube but since there is no way to see the cube at all, we use “cube” to contain the inability to comprehend. And no doubt at all we’ve missed the mark either partly or in total. Still, any sally to the fore gets us on the path to DEPRIVATION.

Sally, we shall.

We know for certain, for instance, that the first other witness to RED 205 provided us the boilerplate frame for all following investigations So singularly uniform are the observations, it is past obvious that the genesis observation should stand alone as the main, sole observancy. And why not?

Not why because, it is said, as long as the very fabric of energy is understood, two points cannot exist in exactly the same spacetime. There is no possibility of any single anything because you can’t have “TWO SINGLES”. You’d have two similars, in fact, even if your ability to measure were too crude to detect the departure points. But FOSTER Tech shrugs off either notion by declaring “That isn’t how it works.” We’ve imagined it in creation as indistinguishable, variform, illuminated.

The areas are, for us, in the body one building upon the other sending tracks to the next area directly one after the next in series circuit. But also, there are smaller roots in parallel to each other, with each circuit managing energy in a way that is most suited to it. Series-carried (DEPRIVATION) upward to be refined along the way, clarified, amplified, expanded and expelled. But the series still must be grounded (or “EARTHED” as they say in Europe) in order to complete the handing off of the smallest bits possible.

The Ground is ISOLATION in RED. Sometimes there were shackles involved to keep assistants from being jettisoned right out of the room due to the energetic nature of the role.

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