This used to be a “back-burner” topic but, honestly, there is a definite and noticeable uptick in “CONTROL” experiences. In fact, it is fair to say that early on these events were dismissed as story-burnishing efforts by some experiencers. That was a mistake and we probably lost quite a lot of territory with that decision.

In any event, lets not cry over mushy “YAMS” and get on with it, shall we?

In broad terms, some people experience hearing the words “CONTROL” writing the word, hearing commands, or getting some sense of the word Control. Some people sense being controlled or compelled, having their movments commented upon or narrated, and occasionally making them see things such as agricultural scenes or industrial scenes or military scenes.

The (voice) is called Operators. There are usually at least two Operators talking in turn or in unison. The operators also communicate with each other (or other unheard parties) having both technical and casual conversations.

As is the case with nearly all aspects of (DEPRIVATION), we simply don’t know what it means. And again, as with all things (DEP) we have a few ideas. One popular notion is that “CONTROL” is a kind of intelligence-gathering operation. At times “Control” is unaware it is being experienced at all. Here at, we think “Control” is a wholly unrelated event, having no direct connection to Foster, EM, or and commonly-known (DEP) effects.

Further, we have guessed it could have a direct connection to The Lost. Time will tell.  NOTE:  We are preparing a post that will give more in-formation about “LOST”

For now, out best course of action would be to find a way to record a “CONTROL” In the past this would have been incredibly unlikely due to the rather unscheduled and unpredictable style of the experiences. But, as we stated earlier, there are more reports now. They often happen just before or right after sleep and they are happening more than once at regular intervals or in an hours-long series.

who knows what will be in the future?

So if your phone can record audio, open your mouth and hold the phone up as it records and see if any of the sound comes out of your mouth and on to the phone. You could also try pressing the phone against your skull. Whatever you do, don’t put the phone all the way in your mouth.

EDITORS NOTE: since we originally posted this, we have actually received a few MP3 audio files that people have made. Some of them are sounds of people breathing, which we think is just the breathing sound made by the person making the recording. However three of the files had distinct sounds and voices. There was enough similarity between the recordings for us to conclude they are from the same source. We will post these recordings as soon as possible.

We’d like to have more recordings, obviously, and we’d really like it if someone would come up with a way for us to respond to “CONTROL.”

5: Is Control a Satanic thing?