That’s The Inverse For You

*** As we move closer to the eradication of any need for expression, it’s too often the case that wild empathy is transplanted as a goal. But of course it are. The fear of loneliness is more ruinous than that which is observed in fear. Well, get over it. The whole of All is a hole for all. We’re all going in together. ***

“Does this delight you? Sleep, then, in this garden through deep night into waking kiss of sol. You’ll dream what you will dream. Murder, hero, mill-man”
– Eldris speaking to The King, “The Secret Cloud,” Morv Kelferisam
“He. Ha. Into the pool!”
-Blues lyric, Unknown
“The drunk of ideology is savage. I’ll face a crazy person any time.”
– Jeffers T.

Seeming next to the twin relation of The Excluded (CYL/SPHE) is the most “human of AREAS, Broke (a rod cut, revealing the ellipse inside), a path to acceptance and admittance. The phase is always incomplete and characterized by hunger and perfect, total futility. It’s a good idea to understand this with some grain of humor. The expression, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” is not to say you would really eat and entire horse but only most all of a horse – you wouldn’t eat the mane or the hooves no matter what. 

And it’s worthwhile to really touch the necessity of this encompassing futility. Our culture has endured bright phases which fragmented and decayed and ended when a common consciousness formed, “This isn’t funny any more.”

Through this is something like acceptance. It’s best to frame it as one warrior presenting his sword to another warrior. There is nothing but comity and respect here. Passed through in time to unity (which is the whole purpose of any kind of acceptance). But for now don’t let the free use of unity lead you to believe that unity is an endpoint. It is not, only a way of understanding.

On penultimate, there is an unnamed Area which is unknown and un•named. Illustrative, it is a six-sided square. Absolutely nothing whatsoever is known about this. There is speculation and conjecture and some hypotheses but all sounding of analysis is returned dead, vacant and inert.

• Santo Conduit

•Artificial Energy

•Genuine Nothing

•Inverse Nothing

Through this utter enigma Area we are in River, a configuration of infinity reduced along axis to irreducibility bisected by itself in the opposite domain. In this is containment and transport. It is The River and The Vault. It is represented by an infinity returning to an infinity both opposite and united. Sometimes it’s just a cone, though.

Again, it is necessary to mention that although these areas are presented as stacked Cymblights this is in no way sequentially co-arranged and more than the sensation of love. It is crystal, gaseous, chaos, discipline, insanity.

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